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Free time in Blackpool need not cost you the earth.

You don’t have to spend a penny to experience some of the fascinating and unique features Blackpool has to offer and all within a few miles of the stunning Comedy Carpet. Blackpool has a number of installations, exhibits and natural spaces for you to explore and enjoy for free.

Great Promenade Show
As you stroll along New South Promenade, you will come across glittering rocks, a decompression tank and the worlds’ largest dancehall mirrorball, but what do these and the 7 other art installations have in common, and what do they have to do with Blackpool?

Each piece is a unique look at the history of this seaside resort from the glamour of the lights, the evocative sounds of the Irish Sea and even the macabre relationship Blackpool has with freak shows and circus. Artists were all commissioned to create a challenging and unique piece of art which makes visitors rethink their experiences at their favourite seaside resort.

Solaris Centre
The Solaris Centre of Environmental Excellence, situated opposite the Great Promenade Show’s Mirrorball, is a shining beacon of self sufficiency and green energy. Wind turbines stand sentry either side of the door, generating energy from the Promenade winds and solar panels help power the many exhibits featuring green ideas and many forms of art and crafts created by local groups.

Grundy Art Gallery
In this delightful little gallery in the heart of Blackpool traditional and modern are shown side by side. Just as Blackpool aims to be at the cutting edge of modern culture yet consistently doffs it’s cap to its heritage and history, Grundy has been displaying ancient and modern items from the Blackpool collection since 1911.


Giant arches loom over Birley Street like a giant rollercoaster during the day and at night transform the artwork, pavements and buildings into a sensory experience of light and sound. A changing schedule of programming allows Brilliance to get involved with what’s on in Blackpool from the Illuminations to Dance Festivals and Showzam!

St John’s Square
Towering over the newly paved St John’s Square is The Wave, a 10m high piece of artwork from which a diver is suspended from a mirror finish wave. Wander a cross the open public space to enjoy the dancing water flumes before sitting in one of the relaxing pavement cafe’s.

Stanley Park
Strolling around Stanley Park, from the formal Italian Gardens, through shaded wild woodlands, around the massive meandering boating lake to the exciting children’s play parks, you can while away a good few hours getting back to nature and watching the kids have good old fashioned fun on the see-saws, slides and climbing frames.

Marton Mere
This bird sanctuary is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its amazing birdlife and also supports a myriad of fauna and flora including dragonflies, butterflies, bats and orchids. Experiencing the varied nature, you would never guess that this was once the site of the town’s old tip!

Salisbury Woodland
This area has been through many changes since it was formally planted gardens, and after a number of years of letting nature take the lead and head up a team of rangers and volunteers, Salisbury Woodland was designated a County Biological Heritage site in 1993.


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